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Rotating Backgrounds, Images, or Elements

Is there a way to easily rotate an object in Klex?

I thought maybe the pink/purple circular arrow symbol next to every select item had something to do with it, but I cannot seem to get it to more. I can of course ‘flip’ items and images, but I cannot rotate them.

Does Klex lack this ability or am I missing something? If it is lacking, I think this would make a fantastic new addition.

Thanks for any help,

Whenever you select an object in Klex, that pink rotation handle you saw should allow you to rotate it (try dragging the handle left or right). Sometimes you have to zoom out a bit to see the handle for backgrounds.

You might want to try it in Chrome (or check for a later update).
Working well here on Windows 10, Chrome 65.
Not working properly on Firefox 59 or Edge on my computer.
Personally, I wouldn’t trust compatibility on Safari or Internet Explorer.