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"Save text layers as paths" is not working at all (free version)

Hi there.
I’m trying to properly export SVG in free version of Gravit and it’s failing to export any text layers to paths automatically, “Save text layers as paths” is “On” in Settings. Just create new file, type something in any fancy font, export as SVG and check the result.

test.gvdesign (6.0 KB)


Please be sure to include the following information:
MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
Gravit Designer 2020-1.1 (latest)

hi @Vladimir,

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download your file. Have you tried to go Mofdify > Path > Convert to Path?

Hi @Scofano,

Ok, here all my files:

Have you tried to go Mofdify > Path > Convert to Path?

Yes, text can be converted with this thing manually, but then you not able to edit original text and you suggest to do that for all text pieces before export? Sorry, but that sounds wrong. “Save text layers as paths” supposed to do all that automatically during SVG export, no? It’s not working.

Hi @Vladimir

I don’t think I understood the issue. I’ve opened your file, used the advanced export and marked the option to export as curves and the export file is working as expected.

Would you please try it again on browser version with chrome?

Sorry? Where’s advanced export? I’m using free version.

I’m afraid the advanced export is a PRO feature. I’m sorry.

I believe duplicating the text layers (using ctrl+d and hiding them) and then exporting will be the best option as you can keep your original layers for later editing.

Ye, looks so… eh, sad :frowning: But thanks for help :+1:

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