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Save to Local File should Open in current folder

Say I’m working on a local file. If I want to fork it and work on a related feature, I would click on “Save to Local File” and then change the name slightly.

The default expectation with “Save to Local File” will be that it opens with the current file’s local folder selected by default. In other words, you can say it should with the last folder where I “Cmd+S” anything.

However, this is not the actual behaviour. “Save to Local File” opens with whichever folder I last used this feature in.

Two solutions:

  1. If I open a local file, make a note of that folder as the working folder.
  2. Whenever I simply “Save” a local file, make a note of that as the last saved location and use the same location for the next “Save to Local File”.

I am sure it would help to co-locate related files!!

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