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Saved file now shows only grey where photos were

I created 3 pages of A4 size and inserted many photos. Now the file will open but the photos don’t show anymore - there is only light grey where they were. The light grey is the exact size of each photo item and if I click on the edges of the grey it shows the image property box, but I can’t work out how to solve this problem. A few of the photos in the file are still showing.

If I download it as a pdf or jpeg, I get exactly what shows on the screen ie grey and the few photos that do show.

Hi @KiwiKaren, welcome to our forum and thanks for reporting.

Can it be that it just takes a while to load the images? What if you leave for Klex for some time and return back later, are the images still not there?

If not, could you please give me your username and the name of the design, so that we can have a look?

Thanks Christian. I have left it several times for a long time and the images don’t load. I do have lots of photos on the same page, maybe 20 or so. You will see the outlines of where they are. Maybe it has made the page too heavy? I would be most grateful if someone could check it and help.

Username is k_bissell at hotmail Dot com and the file name is a4_Wedding_1. There is another file that starts with same name but a capital A - it has photos that show and was my first try.

I’ve asked our developer to investigate. We’ll get back to you once we have found something out.

Our developer had a look at your design now and it seems that the images you used are missing. Maybe you deleted them by mistake? Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to bring them back.