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Saving my design not allowed, causing an empty infinite canvas

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  • Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
  • Gravit Designer v2020-1.3.1 (Web)
  • Google Chrome v84.0.4147.125 (64-bit)
  • When I save my design, it suddenly popped up said:
    “Saving and exporting designs with an empty infinite canvas is not allowed.”
    I didn’t use an empty infinite canvas. I’m was 1280x720 as canvas. Is something an bug or issue, then.

Hi & welcome @akiyama4809

I think we might need some more details on all the steps you took. Perhaps you have even figured it out since you posted?

I have never seen this error message & can’t recreate your problem. This is certainly not a bug I’m aware of, saving designs works just fine usually

Maybe it was toggle visibility issue from pages layout. When I toggle hide visibility, it was popped up message. And then, when I toggle show visibility, it saved and export my design.

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Hi @akiyama4809,

Thanks for reporting.

We are aware of this issue. If you try to save/export using multi-page layout and one of the pages is hidden, it pops the error message.


This has saved me from having high pressure. :)) Thank you.


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