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Share & download graphical content with gravit's community

Hello !

I’m new since 2 days and I’m learning how to use Gravit designer. I have some difficulties to find specific graphical content.
So, I was thinking : What would happen if gravit’s users shared graphical content on ?
Everyone can put and get content. In the same time, gravit could become a reference in UI/UX design tools and to find or share UI/UX design graphical content !

Hey @Sunchock, welcome to our forum and thanks for your suggestion.

Such a marketplace, where our users can share their designs, would be an awesome idea. This is something we also thought about, so we might have something like that sometime in the future.

Other than that, how’s your experience with Gravit Designer so far?

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Sorry for replying too late. Now I’m using the PRO licence to make some web apps models.
I really appreciate the design of Gravit and I love to work with. I hope too this software will be upgraded to be more compliant with animated models to make realistic demonstrations.
I’m not really very active but very loyal, so I will continue to follow Gravit and if I can help you with my suggestions and feedback, I will be delighted to do so!