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Slice and Knife functions

What do the ‘slice’ and ‘knife’ functions do in gravit? I have been trying to figure that out but have not found out yet.

The knife can cut shapes into pieces. Click and drag for a straight cut, for a multi-line cut hold Alt and click, click, click (a few times I’ve had to hold Ctrl and Alt on Windows, using only Alt the cut did not apply - I might have done something wrong).

The slice tool defines an area, like a bitmap/raster selection - you can use the Make Exportable (+) to set each slice as an exportable area, so you export multiple slices as assets with one export action (File menu, Export, Export, Assets). For example, if you were creating multiple icons on the one canvas, you can use slices to make each icon export separately.

Thanks for your on-the-point help, @obtusity. Well appreciated.

@smorecraft42 If you have more questions about this topic, please get in touch.

How do I use the slice tool to create a curve. Using the Alt key doesn’t seem to work. Video about what I would like to know here:

I believe the trick is to hold alt-key down before you set your first point:


Thanks for the video. I wonder if it is because I am on a Chromebox as I don’t see the lines across the shape as shown in the video above (except when I use the straight cut). As soon as I click Alt the lines disappear and all I see is the square.

Can´t tell; I´m on a Mac.


@rbiem75 Thanks for reporting. Could you please create a video, so that we can replicate and track this issue here?

As soon as I click Alt the lines disappear

Again it sounds like you´re hitting alt-key after a first click&drag.

The video in my above thread at the 30 sec mark shows my screen. It works on my mac but not on my Chromebox.

@rbiem75 There’s an Alt-key issue on Chrome OS, that doesn’t exactly have to do with Gravit Designer, but is more of a general issue with this operating system. You can read more about this issue here and here. It’s already filed here.

Is it possible to knife out a portion of a png file? In fact it seems like the knife/cut function doesnt work at all on files that I import in. Is this correct? Note: The portion I need to cut is within the picture.

This works differently: in GravitDesigner you draw your shape upon the image and drag the raster image onto the drawn shape in the layers panel; the image will then appear in the drawn shape.


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You can’t use the Knife tool directly on an image, but there’s a workaround: Clip the image to an equally sized shape and then it works. Please have a look at the following video:

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have more questions.


Huge Help!!! Thanks a ton!

I got it to work on chrome os by holding cnt +alt and right-clicking instead of left.

The best answer :+1:t2: