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Sluggish Performance & Memory

Is anyone else noticing a difference in performance and responsiveness since 2021.i8?

I was working on a drawing using i8 on Windows 10. When it upgraded to i9 things started to slow down, sometimes it would take up to 30 seconds for GD to respond for no apparent reason

It’s not changed since the upgrade to i10 on Windows desktop or PWA versions. I started to look at memory to see if there was an issue and I noticed GD seemed to be using rather a lot of it!

As task manager shows it was almost at 6GB! But it does not seem to be releasing memory correctly as after 20 minutes it was still over 2GB with NOTHING open!

Is anyone else noticing performance or memory issues or is it just me?

Is no one else noticing this?

Hi @techiekev,

as our team is currently investigating this issue, would you please share a complex file (or a couple of the most complex you have) on our support form so I can attach it to the internal task?

Hi Daniel

I Will do that, which form do you want me to use to send them? I don’t have a ticket under my activities in the support requests list


If you are saving to the cloud, a sharing link set to developer is enough.

You can send me by DM here on the forum if you want or open a new ticket. This was requested by the QA team so they can add more details for the devs to investigate and fix it.

DM sent and files shared

These are copies that have been shared so they can edit/save them as much as they want

Thanks a lot!

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