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Hi there. I’m using the web app, and the pale green Smart guides which show alignment seem to come and go randomly. Im using an infinite canvas so I don’t think it’s because my work is off the page.
The Grid is also often not visible even when turned on.

I’ve cut and pasted my work into a new page and a new document but no joy. I expect there is a rule for this which I haven’t been able to find - very grateful if anyone knows…

Hi Kate,

This is a problem I have faced as well. The best thing to try is saving then closing the web app and reopening, I know its a pain. You might also look at how many tabs you have open. It does not always seem to be related to memory either, I have it on simple and more complex drawings

You may also want to try the PWA (progressive web app) version or the desktop version

Hope this is of some help

Thanks very much @techiekev - glad to hear I’m not alone! I’ll keep an eye on number of tabs and maybe try the PWA if no luck.
Cheers again

Hey again @techiekev - the smart guides just appeared again when I turned off snap to grid. Yay.

Hey Kate

Glad they came back. It can be very frustrating, I have not reported it because it has so far been impossible to replicate the steps to make it happen. I’m sure other people are seeing this behavior, not sure if anyone else has a possible solution

Ususally, render issues can be solved with a restart, or by clearing cache/cookies.

Just remember that clearing cache also delete installed fonts (and swatches) on the browser version because the fonts are installed on the browser.

I’m finding the render issues seem to be happening on a much more frequent basis recently. When it’s happening 10 times in a day it gets very frustrating

Not just smart guides and the grid but even anchor points vanishing when using the sub select tool

I don’t know if others are finding this is more frequent

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