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[Solved] Different Colors for Different Parts of a Font

I am creating a print for my daughter’s room. I am very new to Gravit - I recently bought it to create embroidery designs.
Anyways, my question is regarding the coloring of fonts. I will post a picture of the exact scenario below but basically I have a font that I love however I want to color the main elements of the letters one color while coloring the surrounding stars another color. The stars surrounding the letters is all part of the font. Is there a way to do this??

Hi Katherine & welcome to the forum

There are a couple of ways to achieve this… The first would be quite difficult to explain, but basically, you can convert any text to a path and then using the select & sub-select tools separate the text from the stars and then colour the stars separately

What may be an easier way for you in this instance would be to create new stars the right size (you can make them slightly bigger but not smaller) with the shape tool and place these new stars right over the top of each star in the font. Then you can colour these differently

Hope that helps

Hi Katherine,

there is a very easy way of doing this.

Using the freehand tool - draw a shape (or multiple shapes) that covers only the stars, apply the fill color you need, and use the text as a clipping mask -

Here’s an example:


This is what I have been able to achieve, lol.

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Do you want this specific font? Is it solid?
I mean, is there anything inside the holes? Did you put the fill color to 100% transparent on purpose?

Would you please share your file and font so I can take a look?

Also, could you tell me what font the line “a heart full of” is, please?

I got the font from It is called autography.

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I do want this specific font. I think it’s solid. This is the link to the font:
I did not do the 100% transparency on purpose. At this point, there is very little done on purpose, lol.

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Please check this: :slight_smile:

The file:



Great job! :slight_smile:

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