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[Solved] How to Make a Hole in a Shape

I have my R letter (shape filled with black), and the hole in the R is another shape (filled with white). How can I make that hole actually a hole, I want the hole in R to be transparent. I tried something called clipping but didn’t work quite well.

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Assuming your ‘R’ shape is a path and not text

If you put the path that is the hole shape above the ‘R’ shape
Then select ‘Modify / Create Compound Shape / Subtract’ this will make a hole and it will be transparent

This creates a compound shape, if you want a single path with the hole in it just select ‘Modify / Path / Convert To Path’

Hope this helps

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Thanks. The first method was what I needed!

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Hi there!

I have the same issue, but I can’t select ‘Substract’ to make the selected compound path transparant.
Why can’t I select the ‘substract’ option? (or any of the other 3 options?)
Is there something I need to do that will make this option available?

Kind regards!

Hi @Alies

I guess you are selecting just one shape. Please select 2 shapes and check if you can see the menu options you need.

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