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Solved - PDF designs are appearing stretched out on mobile devices

After creating designs and exporting them to PDF, they are also stretched on mobile devices. I’ve tried most paper sizes and it’s still the same. Please is there a way around this issue?

Hi and Welcome.
I just made a quick test with A4 in portrait mode and it´s not going to be stretched or squeezed on an iPad. I think it don´t have to do with the file format at all but maybe a setting on your device displaying larger sizes to maintain aspect ratio or not.
How does it handles JPG/PNG at A4 for instance? And when you know what kind of device it´s for and it´s on the list at GravitDesigner´s start-up screen why not choose or make it that size? Just asking.



Hey there, welcome to the forum.

Can you provide us with the gvdesign file so we can check on it? What is the app/software you are trying to use to open the exported pdf file?

Thanks. It was really with the PDF reader, it was set to auto zoom. Thanks.