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[solved] Trying to make a pentagon from hexagon

Am I being kidded right now?

Not at all. I seriously see no advantage to changing it to a path. Seems like extra work.

Because we don´t have to take into account of the extra 150/120° to adjust the following pentagrams.
What GravitDesigner would benefit from is kind of a special transform tool that works on points like this here:
Then this is a breeze and can be done in a few minutes:

Now that would be a very clever tool

Yes, that would be nice.

I made the following by joining two hexagons to a pentagon (on the left side), grouping them and duplicating it 4 times across, flipping the group and duplicating 5 times across the top then added the top and bottom pentagons. It took about 15-20 minutes. Gravit pretty much snapped everything together.

Fun fact: Exporting paths to .svg makes larger files than exporting polygons to .svg. (but its only a few kilobytes so :crazy_face: )

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