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Stacking Order Issue

Is anyone else noticing a very occasional issue with the stacking order being incorrect?

Where you have two objects, let’s call them Object 1 & 2
Object 1 is shown in the layers pallet as being above Object 2 so would be on top

However, very occasionally Object 1 is actually appearing behind Object 2!
If you move Object 1 below Object 2 then back up, everything is back to normal

I’m so far unable to create a simple example to recreate this as it happens so rarely

I don’t remember seeing this problem before the latest upgrade to 2021.i12.1
I’m getting this on the PWA version and occasionally on the Windows desktop version. I’m running on Windows 10

Hi @techiekev,

I’ve never experienced such a thing but I guess your files are always much more complex than mine.
Maybe a rendering bug, I don’t know. But I’ll keep an eye on that, in case someone else reports it, or if I’m able to replicate it somehow.

Thanks Daniel

When it happens late at night I have had to question my sanity :upside_down_face:

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