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Still issues with saving with 2020-

I’m noticing some very strange behaviour with saving…

This has happened when creating a new document and trying to save it to the cloud but more often it’s happening when I’m working on something and create a new design to do something. So there are 2 designs (or more) open

When I go to save the new design to the cloud everything goes fine, give it name etc. But then it appears to try to save. Then a 3rd design tab will pop up with the same name as the one I am trying to save but the design will just go to white. Nothing showing at all. I can see the other design tabs still

If I select one of the other tabs I can see my design, that’s great, BUT I can’t select anything. If I try to scroll the document the rulers scroll but not the design!

I can click back to the new design but like the other one I can’t select anything and the rulers are the only thing that scrolls. If I select the 2nd tab for the new design that appeared this just shows a progress bar for loading the document

At this point, the only way to recover is to close the PWA (or desktop app) and start again. I’m having to do this many times a day, yesterday I had to close the PWA more than a dozen times

So far I can’t replicate this on a reliable basis to create a video of the problem. Is anyone else having this or a similar issue?

I’m also having other saving issues, sometimes GD is saying I don’t have permissions to save to the cloud yet I’m logged in and my internet connection is fine. One time it even told me I didn’t have permissions to save to my local drive!

This has been happening ever since the new version was released. The version that was supposed to fix these saving problems

Version 2020- both PWA and desktop version
Windows 10 / Chrome

This is now getting VERY frustrating, I’m a dedicated GD Pro user but I’m beginning to think GD is not currently stable enough for use in a production environment

I’m encountering problems too since the new release. However, it has been said severeral of these problems are known and will be solved shortly.
Why release and in fact not ready? Quite annoying!

I use the snap (desktop) version and 1.3.4 had issues saving. I tried the PWA version (as suggested by support) and noticed that when first saving a file a message pops up asking to enable auto saving, I have raised this with the team as I think this could be the issue related to the desktop not saving or exporting, as it’s waiting for a response from the popup, it’s just a guess at what’s going wrong.
I’m really surprised that this wasn’t picked up in testing before it was released. was supposed to fix these issue but the desktop version still has these issues.

The autosave has some issues of its own but I don’t believe it’s causing these saving issues. I had issues with 1.3.4 desktop & PWA but if anything it is now far worse with

I can’t replicate this error easily enough to record it on video. It happens on a very frequent basis but not with a design with just a few shapes on it that you can quickly replicate.

I’m going to see if saving a new design as soon as I first create it helps when it still has very paths on it. I too am surprised it was not picked up in testing I must admit. I had these issues start on day 1 with the fixed version

i had the same kind of problems. i then downloaded from app store rather than website and everything is now working ok.


I constantly fight this program, “no enough memory” or white screen crashing.

I get that too, the white screen especially if you try to open another file as well or close one and try to open another

The only workaround I have found is to close the desktop app or PWA frequently (and I mean sometimes dozens of times a day if I’m editing lots of files!) This process is getting really old I must admit

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