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Strange path behaviour

I am having a strange effect on some paths. I have isolated one of them into a separate file. If you select the path and try to ‘Vectorise Border’ only part of the path gets vectorised

Weird Path.gvdesign (2.8 KB)

I had this problem with a number of paths in a design, the only way I could work around it was to slice the paths into pieces and vectorise them each then create a compound path and convert to a path. Even then some parts just would not cooperate

I’m just curious if anyone else has had this problem and how you got around it


You have 2 points at the same spot.
After erasing one (or drag to side) vectorise border will work as expected:


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Ah well spotted Ellen, I knew it had to be something weird like that but could not find it. Now I know what to look for

Thanks, stay safe

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