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Students can no longer export as JPEG

Students have been exporting projects as JPEGs for weeks now and starting yesterday some have had issues exporting a JPEG and can only do a binary file. Anyone else experience this? Is this from an update?

They are all using web based versions via Chrome and most are on a Chromebook.

Version 2020 1.3.4 is what I have on my computer but I am able to export to a JPEG on my regular PC via Chrome browser and using the web based version.

Hi Megan

It appears version 1.3.4 was released yesterday. I’m able to export JPG’s on the web version & the PWA on my PC and from the touch version on my Android tablet as well. Don’t have a Chromebook to test

Do they need JPG versions or could they perhaps use PNG’s?

Hope this helps

We’re aware of the issue and we’re already working on a fix. Meanwhile, please just rename the extension to .jpg

Yes, it was caused by the latest release.

You can also use the desktop version (1.2.1) which is working. You can download it from this link: