Gravit Designer discussion

Students cant export as PDF files are 0Kb

Since Friday students have not been able to export files as PDF. The document they receive is an empty 0kb file. Help.

Are they using the web/PWA version or the desktop version?

I have the same problem using the standalone version on chrome os.

Same problem here all my files can’t be exported they just show up as binary files that are empty in any format.

Yes, the same thing has been happening when I try to quick export as .jpeg

I still have problems exporting my files and even saving them because in the end 0 kb files are saved, I have several days like this and it is very annoying because I have my pro version and it is like losing money, I use a chromebook and it is assumed that I have the latest version and I don’t see anything fixed.

Please update.

Still not working with this version here for many of my students.

Please check this link:

New update: New Release - Version 2021.i1