Gravit Designer discussion

Suggestion: quad-fold and difold cards

There is a profound lack of good tools these days to make quad-fold or di-fold cards. These are four-page and two-page cards in which successive pages are rotated on the print, so when the paper or card stock is folded, everything looks rightside up to the holder. Please???

Can you send some examples of what you want to achieve and how it work in another tools?

Yup. Sorry it took so long! Attached is an example of such a card, made by my wife for my birthday. She makes these for a large number of people every year. In years quite long past, Printmaster Gold did these very well, but recent versions have been frankly awful, buggy and crashy and really quite the insane UI. You’ll notice how the standard laser-paper folds twice, to make a card which fits in a standard greeting-card envelope.


What would be the function/process you would need in Gravit Designer to achieve this result? What’s missing for you?

What’s missing is the ability to automatically arrange and rotate multiple pages – four in this case – according to a folded-card template, into a single physical printed page which the user then folds up for giving.


I understand – so that you can easily print four (or multiple) different pages on one physical page?

What about manually taking the content of the four pages and arranging it to the page you’re gonna print? Is this too tedious?

For me, no – but for others I know and love well, yes, too tedious and also too confusing. In the past, when software was available to make it easy, she made two or three cards in an hour, and getting this right without the automatic page rotation and placement would not have happened.


Thanks for the suggestion, based on user demand we might add such a feature in the future.