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Swatches not showing up in gradients

I’ve recently discovered the use of swatches :stuck_out_tongue:

They are very useful, but I noticed that they are not loaded when editing a (linear) gradient. When I select a color point on the gradient and open the swatches tab, it is empty (global aswell as document).

When using a Color Fill the swatches are there.

Hi @Aram,

I’m afraid linear gradients and swatches work a little different from that: solid swatches and linear swatches being separate things.

Please check this img:

For more information about swatches, check our user guide:

Hi @Scofano,

For whatever reason when I change the color on a gradient (I wish to use linear) the color appears as grey. Is there some way to fix this odd occurrence?

Hi @Joy,

Would you please share the file so I can take a look? Are you using the latest version of Gravit Designer?