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System Fonts

Installed PWA i013.1 on Chrome and have no access to system fonts.

Hi @EngiciansBackup

Try this:

  • Experimental feature: System fonts are now available in the web app and PWA in Chrome. To enable them, please enter chrome://flags/#font-access in the address bar and switch to “Enabled”.

I have enabled that, but where are they supposed to display?

All I see after relaunching Chrome & the PWA is the normal web fonts & imported fonts

Same result for the web app

Sent to the dev team.

Thanks @scofano. With the experimental feature set to enabled the issue remains here also.

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Thanks for the feedback, the dev team is aware and working on it.

Hello, any update on this? I didn’t see anything in the changelog, unless it’s deemed a ‘backend fix’? Either way, it’s still an issue here.

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