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Text box oddities

i am trying to make facebook posts but am finding using the text box not user friendly. other sites i have used with no issues… i am finding that i have to redo a text box from scratch if i want to change anything about it, except where it is on the post. Once I move a text box, I can’t change the font, or the text in it. Sometimes I want different fonts, sizes, colour etc for each box and what ones I use depend on how it all looks once it’s done…and how the other text boxes look with it. is this possible?

To change the content of a text layer you need to make a double-click on it. Its properties can be adapted in inspector panel on the right.

when i do that all that happens is that i get the option to move the text box… i can’t highlight the text to change the font type or size. but i am not sure i was clear in my first post… most times when i do up a fb post, i use more than one text box. after i have made them up, i then want to change the font type and size - usually multiple times so that it looks how i want, you can’t always pick the right font and size right off the bat - however i can’t seem to do that on Gravit Klex. I can move them around all i want, but nothing else…

I cant reproduce this issue, can you make a video of it or make detailed steps of the problem?

sorry, can’t do a video, not sure how… but here is by steps what i do and the results:
i download a picture… then put in the text by clicking on one of the text box options.
I can enter in the text - change fonts, size, colour etc.- but once I move the text box, that’s all i can do.
When i click on it or double click on it (either), the box around it with the little circles comes up, and that’s it. I can’t highlight the text to change anything about it. I will try again to make up a post…

did up a post and it all worked fine, guess it was a one off bug or glitch… odd…

Very strange, if that happens again please get in touch with us.