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Text disappear when enter U+0E33 character (Thai)

Text in the same line was missing when entering U+0E33 ( ำ A Thai character)

OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Version: Desktop, 2022.i1.1 Lin
thaitext-render.gvdesign (10.0 KB)

Hi @bentino,

I guess you have to use NOTOSANS font for those non-latin characters.

No, I use FC Subject Round, a full feature commercial font but you can see the result with Prompt, Kanit or Sarabun in Google font library instead.

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback but does it work with NOTOSANS? (just for this character)

The same result with these behaviors

  1. This character can display when you type only this character alone.
  2. If you type this character (U+0E33 --> ำ) close to other characters text in the line will disappear.

These behaviors can happen to all Thai fonts

Thank you.

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