Gravit Designer discussion

The installer do not replace old version

Something happens, I have download and installed gravit 3.2.5 and this week I have installed 3.2.6 on my linux, and now I have both installed

Could you please example how to uninstall the oldest versions? and possible take this in account for the next releases

Hi @JulianReyesEscrigas, are you using the snap package or the AppImage? If it’s the snap package, you can just run “sudo snap refresh gravit-designer”. If it’s the AppImage, can you tell us which Linux distro are you using? AppImage packages currently partially accept auto-updates. To uninstall the app, if it’s AppImage, you should find it under “/home/$USER/.local/share/applications/Gravit Designer”, if it’s a snap package, you can run “sudo snap remove gravit-designer”

I’m using the AppImage on Arch Linux

I found I’ve installed the previous version via AUR :sweat_smile:

So you figured out the issue?

Hi @denner.erthal,
Where can I download for Ubuntu, the “snap package”?
I am looking forward to reinstall Gravit Designer (snap package) to be able to easily update it with " “sudo snap refresh gravit-designer”.

Kind Regards,

@denner.erthal yes, it was solved

You can install it running “sudo snap install gravit-designer”


@ denner.erthal
Thank you so much!!!
This is working perfect!!!
Awesome support and Software!!!