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Things don't snap to grid

Chromebook (12239.92.0)/ web-based version 2020-1.3.1/
Big City
(the shape I’m having problems with is the black box) when I try to snap to grid it only snaps halfway?? I can snap it back if I select all the points on the shape individually but this is cumbersome and annoying. (also I have tried turning off all settings for snapping besides “snape to grid”

@oliveboy123 Which of the 36 files in the zip has the problem item?

Why does it come in pieces?

I’m having issues with the black box (has red borders)

what do you mean?

The zip file you provided has 36 separate paths in it each as a different file!

Can you provide the .gvdesign file please that has the problem box in it

oh sorry something must have happened when I just dragged over the svg file.

never mind it was just the way I exported

When I open your file and enable the isometric grid nothing is aligned. Why is that?

Perhaps because its been exported as an SVG and then brought back into Gravit? That’s why I asked for the .gvdesign file to see exactly what he is having problems with

But even if you align the black box with the red border to the grid vertically and horizontally the angles of the top and bottom edges don’t match the 30 degree isometric grid so i’m not really surprised it doesn’t snap to the grid

Makes perfectly sense. :grin:

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This is how to share a .gvdesign: but remember to allow download and edit on permissions settings.

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