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This is NOT an EPS editor!

How in the world do you guys think it is okay to advertise this as an EPS file editor if you can’t export the file you’ve now just spent hours editing as a f**king EPS!? That by definition should not be able to be advertised as such if you cant come out of the program with an edited EPS! I’ve been looking on your discussion boards, now that I’ve figured this out, and you guys have been promising this feature for over 5 YEARS! What a massive waste of time!


You can always save as an SVG and use any of a number of SVG to EPS online converters

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I can´t find any entry in the feature list that says it´s an EPS-editor - just:

Open and Import

  • EPS, Encapsulated PostScript

“.eps” is definitely not listed as an export file format.
I´m wondering who still uses this ancient file format and why since we have PDF. Just asking.


I must admit I couldn’t either, it’s advertised as a vector editor and it saves SVG and PDF, that’s what most people seem to want.

More export formats are always nice to have but there are way more things on the to-do list that are higher priority I suspect

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none of them work for my art for some reason. I took the svg export went to 4 different converters and then tried to re-import them into this app and none of them would open .

Can you please provide any sample file + short briefing of what you want to do with it etc? Thanks.

usually, it happens when you try to open a file that contains features not supported by Gravit Designer, like mesh distortion or gradient mesh (for example).

I believe you will be able to open those in adobe illustrator.

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Does anyone know how to separate multiple designs in an eps file? And also, how do you edit text and color?

Hi @FidelAmoah, welcome to the forum.

Maybe it would be easier if you could provide us with an example.

About text and color, if it is “text” you just need to double click. What happens when you get designs from other people is that this text is converted to paths, so it technically is not a text anymore so there is no way you can edit.

Color should be easy, just select the portion of the text and you will see at the right panel the color selection.

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