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Tips for lag reduction

my designs can become laggy and I get fewer fps in general as I’m designing, so I was wondering if there are any tips and tricks for stopping this laggyiness.

Your probably already doing the obvious things I do when i have a very complex design…

  • Use symbols for anything repetitive

  • Define styles for anything you use over and over

  • If you have multiple paths that can be converted into a compound shape that’s usually a very good idea I find

  • Also work in outline view where you can

It would be interesting to hear what the developers have to say on this. Anything that can make it run faster and stop Gravit rendering problems especially where you lose things like the guidelines, the grid, unable to click on the colour picker or advanced properties etc

And the worst of all, the dreaded white screen it never recovers from. Constantly having to save, close GD and re-open it does become a pain sometimes

Hi @oliveboy123,

I’m not a Dev but I’ve used Gravit Designer a lot. So, my opinion is a user based one (not a technical one).

Not sure about this:

If you have multiple paths that can be converted into a compound shape that’s usually a very good idea I find

As Gravit Designer Boolean feature is non destructive, if you combine multiple shapes into a compound object, even if you can’t see the whole thing, all the “unused” points are still there. If you really won’t need something, convert it to Path by using Modify > Path > Convert to path.

I’d also add:

  • while working with Gravit Designer, close other applications so you will have more free memory.
  • Do not use huge canvas size. You can export the size you want later if you are using only vectors.

If you are using huge images, It will possibly Lag.
I’ve seen catalogs with big canvas sizes and lots of high res images. Those slow down the program.

  • if you are using Gravit on a Tab, close the other ones as your Chrome (or any other browser) can be using resources for the other tabs at the same time.
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Agree with @Scofano I meant compound paths not shapes. Whilst the boolean feature is great I only use it occasionally, most times its create a compound shape and convert to a path immediately

Also the PWA version does seem to reduce lag problems you might be having if your using the desktop version normally

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thanks for all the tips on lag reduction

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