Gravit Designer discussion

Type of Plugins?

Hey, I’m hyped to get started working on Gravit in the future.

What kind of plugins are planned? Only technical plugins changing functionalities or extend them or do you also plan to give full control over the UI?

That would be really nice to have full control over the UI similar to Atom and their UI and Syntax Themes.

Otherwise looking forward to extend and add functionalities to Gravit!

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Actually Gravit Designer is built upon extensions. We want to start small but actually open up the whole UI and everything in Gravit to Plugins for full control.


That’s great and actually exactly what the Designer world needs. Developers are free now because of open sourced editors, but Designers still need to stick to big companies or operation systems.

Thanks for your service!


Yes exactly. That’s where our biggest advantage comes in I think – everything is web based so you can take full control, inspect the designer, write stuff in javascript & css etc. :slight_smile: