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UI Theme Options

I’ve been showing Designer off to friends and colleagues and pretty much everyone is blown away at what you’ve got here… except for the purple UI. Seriously, every person I’ve shown it to has said that the UI is so distracting they’d rather not bother.

So it there any chance we can get some options for UI color? Purple / Dark / Light would be the obvious choices, but if it’s something we could change with CSS, then maybe add the ability to import new themes?


Second that. At first i thought that purple was a joke, but apparently it is not.
Don’t judge the book by its cover…

Here is a temporal fix. de-saturated big purple backgrounds.

  1. List item downloadc olor-mod.css from here
  2. Find designer.electron.css
  3. In text editor paste the content of the color-mod.css at the end of designer.electron.css
  4. Save and restart Gravit

Changes will be overwritten with every update :frowning:

Yes @Alexander_Adam, i think is about time we do more theme as options. :slight_smile:


yup it works. nice hack :slight_smile:

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Side question: did either of you have to extract the ASAR file to get to the CSS file?

Yes, need to extract the css file

Well ok we’ve been listening and gave this a high prio coming in next version:




Those are fantastic options that I think will reduce some of the psychological barriers people might have had to using a tool that advertises itself as a tool that professionals could use but is… purple. :slight_smile:

The purple is just our design style we made in the hope to get an apple design award as Sketch and Affinity Designer did too :slight_smile:


@alex Let’s work to get an intuitive interface and a fluid design flow… and awards will come on their own. :wink:

As a 3 decade veteran of the design world, I can honestly say that you’ve got something special here with Designer. I don’t think you’ll need novel UI design choices to win awards.


I hope so we really need some traction due zero marketing budget :wink:

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Please, bring back the original purple UI with colored buttons/icons. I really liked that one!
The new themes feel like sitting in front of a monochrome monitor 25 years ago. :frowning:


As this thread shows best, there’s two sides to each coin: Some hate the purple theme, some love, so there is no way we can satisfy both parties. So in the end, we decided to go the easy way and remove the theme altogether, since it just created too much overhead, as maintaining two themes is much easier than needing to maintain three themes. I’m really sorry, but the purple theme won’t come back anytime soon.

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Tank you very much for your honest reply. :frowning: