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Uncaught exception

  • Type and version of your operating system: macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
  • Type and version of Gravit Designer you are using: Desktop Version 2020-

First of all, thank you for Gravit Designer!
I’ve only started using Gravit Designer this week. Several times, I have opened an .eps file with an image consisting of a couple of paths, flattened it and tried to add a background and/or inner shadow / drop shadow, plus save / export the result. Unfortunately, I don’t know anymore which action have I done before getting this exception but I hope the message shown can help you anyway:
Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 18.14.43

Were you able to save the document?
I´m on the same macOS (M1 MacMini) but never caught an JavaScript error so far.

No, I wasn’t. Luckily, I haven’t done that much before the bug occurred.

Under Edit->Settings… you can Enable auto-save - just in case you didn’t know.

It should be enabled by default. Usually, when you start a new file, Gravit asks you if you want to save it or proceed without saving it (not recommended).

That setting is only for files saved to/synced with Gravit Cloud - I supposed it is then only autosaved to the cloud. For my work we are not allowed to save to external clouds.


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