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Uninstall all fonts

Good afternoon people.
I installed a very large number of sources and the gravit was extremely slow, crashing in some cases. How do I uninstall these fonts that I added?

hi @Endrigo,

if you are using the browser version ( just clear your cache and all your fonts will be deleted. Or you can use it on an anonymous window on chrome (ctrl+shift+n).

@Scofano i’m using windows version.

Have you tried to uninstall / re-install Gravit Designer?
Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically delete them all on the desktop version.

I did try to uninstall and reinstall, but he again associated all the sources he had added the other time. Now when I click on the text tool the software crashes.

Did you install the fonts into Gravit Designer or are you talking about system fonts?
If you are using system fonts, you should uninstall them directly from windows.

Shared with CloudApp

I imported fonts that, despite being installed on the system, were not appearing in the program list.

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I have the same problem.
I tried to uninstall gravit 2 times but nothing changed.
I am not able to use new fonts and it’s pretty dramatic for my blog.
Finally, did you solve it?

It is possible that those fonts are not supported by Gravit Designer.

I’ve received your ticket support, let’s continue from there. I believe this is not the same case as report at the starting thread.

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