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Unlock/arrange Gravit panels & dual-monitor support

With the revamped off-line Gravit, I think now is a good time to bring back the question about the support for dual-monitor systems. It would be fantastic to unlock and arrange the panels from the main window and move them to another monitor(s).

Many designers (and me) still work with two screens instead a big single one :wink:


I dont think this is possible on a web app. To quick explain it is the same as try to split chrome in two screens.
But need confirm with the dev team.


If it is posssible, I too would really appreciate this as a new feature. If it is not possible, then perhaps you could do something like the tab button does in Adobe illustrator. When you press the tab key, it hides or shows the panels and thus allows you to see a lot more of your workspace.

Out of curiosity, would this be possible on the desktop app? Or is this something which is not possible since Gravit at heart is still a web based application?

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Hiding all the “chrome” is already possible Alt + Enter, furthermore, you can also hide the Layers Panel and the Inspector separately from the “View” menu in the menu bar.

Being able to rearrange or detach the panels is actually quite a high request from users, so we’ll see what we can do in the future.

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For now at least, a single key shortcut to hide both panels (left and right, but not the top menu&toolbar) would be great :slight_smile:

Already on our list. :slight_smile:


Hey, any updates about this? Quickly switch panels visibility is pretty necessary to work with not-big screens.

It is on our list but we don’t have an estimated time for this one yet.

Any news about the dual monitor support? I think that moving all (most) panels or palettes on a secondary display is a must :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, not.