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[Update - it is back] Website is down

To get faster help, please contact our support team at: instead of posting here.

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • Type and version of your operating system.
  • Type and version of Gravit Designer you are using (desktop or web app). The version can be seen in the bottom-left of the welcome screen or from Help > Show welcome screen in the menu bar.
  • If using the web app, type and version of the browser.
  • A video showing the issue.
  • The .gvdesign file, where the bug can be replicated. In the web app, you can get the .gvdesign file from File > Download File…, in the desktop app from File > Save to file…
  • A detailed description of the bug or problem you encountered.
  • Your email address you are using to log in.

The Website is Down for some reason…

Website is down for me as well. Checked on all browsers.

We’re aware of the Gravit Designer website issue and our IT technicians are already working on that. The website should be restored today.

This does not interfere with the service, that can still be used there and download links for the newest version can be found here:



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Update - it is back.