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Vanishing Rulers & menu bar & Other Strange Effects!

Since the last update I have been experiencing a number of issues…

Firstly an issue where the rulers disappear, you can still drag from where the rulers should be and set guides but the rulers don’t show

Then for no apparent reason, they reappear again sometime later, usually when I’m scrolling and changing the zoom level, but not always

It is happening with a variety of different files, always when I have been working on them for some time and I can’t make it happen, it just does (or rather doesn’t appear). I suspect as it is after working on a file for some time it is somehow related to memory

When they have vanished I have tried turning the rulers off and on again but this makes no difference. I have also tried switching to ‘Fast View’ & ‘Outline’ and again this makes no difference

Secondly, the whole menu bar disappears & reappears at random

And finally now I have found a situation where I can’t delete effects, neither through the bin icon or by draging to delete

All of these wonderful effects are shown in the attached video. In fact at the start the menu bar is showing, then it vanishes, comes back briefly then vanishes again. You can see the rulers are gone yet you can drag guides and it shows some effects that refuse to delete

I’m using i010 PWA on Windows with Chrome. All of these ‘back end changes’ have done something

Hi @techiekev, thanks for reporting.

Can you reproduce it on incognito/web? (I’m trying to find if “re-installing” the PWA could fix it)

I didnt think it would be easy to reproduce in incognito/web but in actual fact I reproduced the disappearing rulers and menu bar within minutes just by taking an object on the layers pallet and moving it with the mouse, both vanished

Here you can see it in an incognito window

As I move an item in the layers pallet the rulers will disappear along with the menu bar. The canvas can actually be seen where the menu bar is supposed to be