Gravit Designer discussion

We just released Gravit Designer 3.3.1

It fixes the following critical issues:

  • Symbols fixes: Deleting and adding a symbol creates it correctly as a master again; resetting an instance with an image works again.
  • Fixed that the Recolor effect shows correct values in input fields.
  • All icons can be dragged out correctly from the Libraries again.
  • Fixed EPS import in desktop apps.
  • General improvements to EPS import.
  • Increased compatibility of old files with symbols.
  • Changing from English to Portuguese version works correctly again.
  • Enlarged the login window to make all options visible.
  • “Place image” works again for PDF files.
  • When “Autoscale Clipped Shapes” is off, shapes in clipped groups are now anchored to the top-left to make resizing more predictable.