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What has happened to ALT with arrow keys

What has happened to holding down CMD/ALT with the arrow keys to move by 1/10th of a pixel?

You can still click-and-drag (scrub) over any numeric field but I used it with the arrow keys a lot to line things up perfectly

Please can we have it back!

I’ve just tested it and it still works (chrome, web version). Please try incognito.

I was in incognito trying to come up with steps to recreate the memory issue

I did a full restart, checked Windows update, checked Chrome was up to date then tried again

Same thing, ALT plus arrow keys only moves a pixel at a time, not a 1/10th. The scrubber with ALT works as expected. BUT ALT and left arrow bring up a dialogue do I want to leave the site!

I just went and tested this on another Windows 10 PC and exactly the same issue

I’m on Windows 10 Home Edition Version 21H1 OS Build 19043.1645
Chrome Version 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I guess Alt+left is the expected behavior for chrome for the previous link. I don’t know if this can be changed at all. In order to move things around you don’t need alt, just arrows (and shift if you like)

Yes in the Chrome shortcuts ALT left arrow is “Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tab” and ALT right arrow is the next page in the current tab

ALT is documented in Gravit as moving a tenth of a pixel, the arrows do 1 pixel and shift arrow 10 pixels. At least that’s how it worked up to now

I knew about the 1px and the universal 10 using shift but to be honest I didn’t know that you could move 1/10px?? It makes sense for the properties but… Isn’t a pixel the smaller part of the virtual universe? How can you move 1/10 px?? :smiley:

I’ll try to check it out and come back with accurate info.

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Well, living and learning… We can move 1/10px because we’re vector based so we can export with greater precision.

It works here (windows/chrome) if you tap once (left) but if you tap one more time, the browser shortcut is activated. For all other directions it still works.

Gotta check what happened. Maybe something on chrome overrided this.

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