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When I export assets as SVGs, why are they cropped and different color?

Hi all!

I have a page with varying words on different shaped backgrounds, and I am trying to change each one into an exportable asset so that I can use them separately and without exporting the entire project.

For reference, it is things literally as simple as white text on a transparent background, and green text on a white background.

When I export as png, it works exactly as expected.

However, when I try to export the assets as SVG, it turns them all black and white, and crops them so the entire sentence isn’t visible (often literally halfway through a letter). This happens regardless of exportable asset size setting…

Any ideas on how to address?

Hi @ArchElmo,

Right-click everything and convert to path (and try it again). It should work.

Please note that effects are not supported by the SVG format.

Is there no way to convert to path only when exporting assets? That’s how Illustrator handles is.

It’s far too tedious to convert to path, export, then undo, each time if changes are needed.


Unfortunately, not. But you can use ctrl+a (to select everything), and right-click > Convert to path to convert all of them at once.

Then, Export, and then you can undo to keep your .gvdesign file with all the compound shapes.

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