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Will Gravit stay free?


I was wondering if Gravit will stay a free program. I feel like it is too good to be true. A free design program, also web-based.

Will it stay free, or will Gravit add costs soon.



Yes it will definitely stay free and never be crippled by stupid fremium or whatever.
We later might offer some additional stuff for teams which might be paid (as we need to pay those server bills too) but the Designer will stay free as we want everyone to be able to get access to a free, pro design tool :slight_smile:

Note: Eventhough its free we’re always happy about people helping us by spreading the word :slight_smile:


i spread as much i can :smiley:


Thanks! Most important to let people know it will stay free forever :slight_smile:


You could make a donation system, like open source apps have.


I second that. We know your hardwork and I believe you should get as much as help as we can offer.


+1 on the donation system


Yeah i think people also want to donate to the project.

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I asked them about that. They Tweeted me this:

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You guys are great!!! This software is awesome!!!

Hi Alex just wanted to give you some feed back. I love Gravit for it is way better than Adobe. However may I ask one feature to be placed on. I write software my self and I made a image icon converter tool. However it would be nice if you can use graivt to convert images to icons.

So that would be .ico

This way programmers like me can create their UI and icons all on one tool. You guys have done a wonderful job. Maybe also allow people to change skin colors for customized settings.

Just at thought.


Thanks for the suggestion. What do you have in mind here, could you please tell me more?

So I have created a simple program that lets you convert all images to a ico. This is my program its on amazon.
Just to show you as an example:

My program was written in if your using C# this can be done.

So I would like to see if Gravit can add this functionality because programmers like me would like to have a one stop shop app that can do it all. If you can allow a user convert their jpg or png to a true .ico file. This would make gravit more popular.

Also I used two textbox that would be textbox1 and textbox2 . These would allow users to add customized size height and width. I also added the drop and drag function so users can drop an image and then convert the icon with customized size.

Now adding a export to .ico file would be cool beans. Let me know if I could be an hesitance. I been writing code since 2003

Thanks for the detailed explanation, we will look into it.

It should be a simple process to add. I could give you an example of my code on how to convert png to ico but you would really need to tweak the code to make it more HD

We will look into it as soon as we have time. Unfortunately, we are pretty busy with other features and bug fixes at the moment. But I will get back to you if we need your help on this feature. :slight_smile:

Cool love to see this come true. i really do love Gravit


Is there any way to convert from SVG to ICO? I open SVG with Gravit and export to ICO? And about ICNS?

I always resize to 256x256, save to .png and change in the windows explorer the extension to .ico. Don’t know if it’s the right way, but it always works :slight_smile:

a great programme and great team