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Will Gravit stay free?

Seems like this thread was a marketing gimmick.


This comment did not age well. xD


Maybe this is a contractual expression, try to sue them :wink:

(to be honest, I’m curious what the law and the judges would say in this case)


Please see this post: Gravit Pro vs. current?

I don’t think that would go very far. Besides, a Pro version is NOT a bad thing. But taking away features definitely is.

Hmmm, no incentive to be here anymore then… Will be sure to go back to monthly subsription Adobe AI…

I have so much saved in .gvdesign which will be useless to me now unless I convert it all in under 30 days… Thanks a bunch… Wish I never bothered now, I knew this would happen :joy::joy:


Hi, I installed Gravit thinking it was free. It is advertised as free. So, why is it written down at the bottom of my work file “Trial: 15 days left” ?
Thank you for your answer.

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Hi. Gravit has announced a pro version, because they need to make money somehow. They still have a free version but things like illustrator import and high-resolution PDF export are only available on the $99 a year Pro plan. I think there is currently a discount for the pro plan, and it’s much cheaper than Adobe illustrator.

Here’s the link with the special offer, in case you want more information:

Not to seem cynical Claudia (even though I am), I’m not sure I can trust the “low price for life*” statement - history dictates what the future will hold. That being said, can we be advised where the “free” version will surface or is there a time bomb in versions 3.5.3 + that will convert to a restricted version?


Recent offline versions before Gravit went Pro require a cloud login, which can verify your Pro account. I kept a copy of the offline beta from about a year ago, in case Gravit shut down, but it’s not as good as the recent versions. Personally, I think that$39 a year is worth it.

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Figured it out: BCUninstaller…

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OK, people, i’m paying the bill - getting this offer. How can I be sure of this ‘lifetime price’? More, I want the sw to be in Russian or in Armenian. Where are the advanced language options?

Remember, dear Gravit Team, if you try to sell it, you are to offer MORE.

I suppose what this illustrates is the attachment people have with softwares and the freedom developers/providers have with cloud softwares? Maybe that is even more of a user experience research area?

nothing is sure, once they promised that Gravit will stay free and there wouldn’t come PRO versions. So I repeat, nothing is sure… except paying taxes and the death.

I think (and am afraid that) we get an offer in 1, 2 or 3 years time to change our subscription in a Corel Draw subscription…

I think there are probably three main parties to things like this, and these are:
the funder picking up the bill and taking the big decisions
the developers with a scope to meet targets set by product designers and the funder (these may not be the same)
the grunts such as you and I posting, reading, committing, hoping and sometimes becoming enthralled by the perceived or misperceived product

If things work well we all have enormous fun and a great experience :smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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get the older version and your good.

same here. :slight_smile:

so… now we have to pay? I have 30 days trial…

After 30 days, you will choose the free or pro. If you choose the free, you will be very limited. But which operating system are you using?