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Windows desktop version(and changelog) - 2022.i2

Is the Windows desktop getting the update to 2022.i2? Seems the desktop version currently can’t check for updates

Looking forward to seeing the changelog for details of all the changes

Hi Kevin,

I don’t have an ETA for those 2.

The desktop version wasn’t released yet so that’s why you don’t have an update when you check, and about the changelog, I can tell you that the latest changes on i2 were about performance improvements, fixing memory leaks (releasing when a file is closed), fixing a few things about shortcuts, and now showing the shortcuts on the help menu and placing back the label of the presentation mode.

Those ix (i2, i3… interactions) releases are smaller ones, part of a big, full release so I’ll have more news when the full release is out.

Please bear with us.

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Hi Daniel

Thanks for the info on the changelog. Although I’m still seeing the memory not being released when a file is closed a lot of the time :confounded:

But performance does seem better a lot of the time except when trying to open a file from the cloud, it can take between 10 and 20 seconds to even display the list of files and I’m not on a slow connection

The Windows desktop version didn’t actually do a check for an update, click on the menu option and nothing is displayed (not even you have the latest version etc) so not sure if there is an issue with that!

I’m happy to see small more frequent updates and will be very interested in looking at all the ix releases and of course the big release when it’s available to look at. This is me bearing with you guys, I can be a lot more impatient LOL

Thanks again for all you do

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the insightful feedback, as always.

About the memory release issue, would you be able to provide us with more files or any other way to reproduce this issue? Or is it random?

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