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[Workaround] No touch layer level opacity

SP-8 / w11/ V2022i1.1 PWA /
Touch interface doesn’t seem to have an Layer Opacity setting (yet?)
I imported and image and can’t set its opacity. I have found that drawing a rectangle over the whole layer, filling it with white and then setting the opacity of the rectangle to whatever you want seems to look pretty much the same and the normal interface’s opacity.
One should note the opacity % is opposite of the normal because you are obscuring the image below not fading it. So 25% obscured is about the same as 75% faded.
This might either be a bug or feature request, I’m not sure.

Hi @prcoy2,

Please check this:

Ahhh. There it is. I was looking under ‘Fill’ for some reason. Guess I didn’t know what a ‘paint roller’ icon was for. Thanks for the info.

Follow up: Just so we’re clear, The rectangle in your example has a layer ‘appearance’ opacity, a ‘fill’ opacity and a object ‘appearance’ opacity? That should be plenty, I would think. :wink:

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Yep, I just placed the rectangle there to check if changing the layer opacity would work but I took a screenshot with 100% opacity. Gray was not a good color choice. :sweat:

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